Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Greek EBL Qualifiers Semifinals

The League of Legends Greek Qualifiers for ESL Balkan League, which will take place at the e-Gaming section in ITF(International Technical Fair) Thessaloniki-Greece at Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of September are over.

Eight of the best Greek LoL teams among them Go4LoL winners and runner up's such as WannaBeez, Test Your Limits, Soulfire Gaming and other major Greek LoL teams like InQuire Gaming and Greek Five along with teams that surprised us and still have things to prove competed for the ticket leading to the ESL Balkan League Finals.

Game 1 TYL vs IQ
Game 2 TYL vs IQ
At the first semi-final between TYL and InQuire gaming two amazing games were held, with InQuire gaming winning the series by 2-0. Yoridis was dominant in both games, with Xin Zao and Jayz, contributing alot to his team wins, sending TYL to the small final.

Game 2 SoL vs SFG
Game 2 SoL vs SFG
On the other semi-final Skill or Luck were facing Soulfire Gaming. Game n.1 went to Skill or Luck with loleros playing as Vladimir having an amazing game.Soulfire Gaming made a come back at the 2nd game of the series. Despite the great game of C0llide as Graves Soulfire took a lengthy game  (47th minute) with Vektro making some nice plays along with inS Rouamat caring with Draven, ye that's right Draven ! On Game n.3 everything was at stake but Soulfire clear it with a 27 minute victory with a really nice early game from their jungler inS Liehigh (Skarner), qualifying to the final against Inquire Gaming.

Game 3 SoL vs SFG

You can see the full brackets here : http://www.esl.eu/gr/lol/5on5/ebl_quals_greece/rankings/

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