Thursday, October 11, 2012

Champion's Lore, Relationships and Rivalries the True Story! (Part Two)

As promised here is the second part of the Lore series! You can check the first part (a lot of interesting stories) of the series with Rengar vs Kha'Zix rivalry and Fizz lore updated(with some cool videos) here.

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And the story continues :

  • Graves and Twisted Fate :

Grave's mate Twisted Fate in a high-stakes card game when both flipped four aces in their final hand. Since then they are con-partners until Graves hustled Dr. Priggs. Priggs offered Twisted Fate the chance to control magic (a long lasted TF desire) but he asked him to give him Graves in exchange.  Things happened as planned and Graves ended captive of some of the most unscrupulous wardens in Zaun until he escaped. Since then he is seeking TF for revenge !

  • Kennen

    Although Kennen belongs to the ninja group(Akali and Shen), they all prefer to work alone!

    • Leona


    Although Leona does not have any relations with other champions (except her childhood friend Pantheon), she has some pretty cool in game mechanics because of her power to command "The light". There is a rumor (as shown below) that heroes with Sunglasses (even heroes who wear sunglasses in their skins) take -1 dmg from Leona's Light attacks. 

    Other than that "The "sunlight" from her abilities interacts with Zyra (makes her larger for a few secs)

  • Irelia

At the Great Stand of the Placidium when Ionians were ready to surrender to Noxious, Irelia picked up her father sword and inspired them into resistance. While her soul was fading, Soraka made a last effort to keep her alive. Irelia rose at the brink of death with her father's sword dancing around slaying the enemies.

  • Jarvan IV

Jarvan is member of the Damacias Royal family. At one of his battles with the Noxians he suffered a crushing defeat from Jerico Swain, who captured him. This capture might have been the last moments of his life, when Urgot tried to kill him but an elite Damacian strike force interrupted them and saved Jarvan. Since then Xin Zhao said he was changed to something else.

  • Jax

When Jax entered The League he had such a winning streak that The League decided to create specials restriction to Jax to fight under. Jax imposed his own special condition by using only a brass lamp-post as a weapon. Later on, The League removed those conditions but Jax did not.

  • Jayce and Viktor

Piltover government commissioned Jayce to study a really uncommon arcane crystal. He figured out that this crystal was of great power and those news soon reached Viktor's ears. Viktor failed to convince  Jayce to work together on the crystal, so he stole it. While his government didn't want to take aggression, Jayce spent a vast amount of hours in the lab crafting the Mercury Hammer. With his hammer in hand he marched solo to Zaun, when he faced Viktro and his minions. After a long fight with both of them badly wounded, Jayce managed to strike a desperate strike to the crystal and escaped.

  • Viktor

Victor invented Blitzcrank, but professor Stanwick stole his invention and later he used Viktors research to revive Urgot.

  • Kayle

Kayle and Morgana are sisters. (Morgana is the evil one)

  • Miss Fortune

She joined the league to find the killer of her mother...poor Gangplank!

That's all for now!Feel free to comment and the third and last part of the series is coming soon ! 


  1. Actually, for Morgana and Kayle, if you think about their lore, they are both on the side of good, but their views are separate. Kayle believes in a strong government and disowned Morgana as her sister as soon as she refused to join her cause. Morgana believes in individuality and that Kayle's way is tyranny. Morgana simply uses a dark power to fight Kayle on a higher level.