Monday, October 15, 2012

Top League of Legends Players Quotes

First of all, Congratulations to TPA for their amazing performance at Season 2 Finals live event!

Here are some quotes of some of my favorite LoL players. Feel free to add comments with your players quote and I will update :)

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  • "Real?"
  • "This Guy ?"
  • "Sooooooo bad. So ****ing bad."

One of my favorite LoL moments: Nunu who is having a terrible game (if you have 15 spare minutes you can check  here a more extended video of the game,it is worth the effort in my opinion) is camping top. But then decides to leave without Hotshot realising it... and here is what happens...HILARIUS 


  • [All] scarra (Katarina): O
[All] scarra (Katarina): MY
[All] scarra (Katarina): GOD
[All] scarra (Katarina): ROFL

  • "So we're losing to jungle Poppy"
  • "This game"
  • "-i'm just going to shove this lane

-i got greedy there, shouldn't have gone in that far
-but i'm okay with that."


  • "I do tha gonks!"
  • "Common Son!"
  • "Doublelift, stop thinking. Your thinking is bad."
  • "I hate this game" (Thx Dunkmacia from reddit) UPDATE


  • "You might think I'm being whiny but I'm just in character."
  • "It's up to ODDONE, to carry this game" (Thx Remyslayer from reddit) UPDATE


  • Dyrus had his favorite blanket around his shoulders and he put his head down on his desk cause he was tired. Then he said "aww i just farted but i am too tired to sit up... i guess i eat my own farts"
  • "Need to get better with "spaceman" (Nautilus)

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