Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EBL Qualifiers Finals

With One ticket to the EBL Final stage and 750 Euro as prize, two of the best Greek LoL teams were ready to fight.

Soulfire Gaming
Former TW Nir and current InQuire Gaming were facing Soulfire Gaming in a best of 3 series. First game went to InQuire Gaming with Yuridis having again a really nice game as Yorick. Despite the efforts of inS Rouamat and Vektro the game went late and Soulfire Gaming lost it to the points

On Game number 2 inS RouaMat going godlike and inS Liehigh, both with heroes that they are familiar with(Graves and Skarner), made the turn around for their team making a smooth victory in a relatively short game (31 mins)

InQuire Gaming

Again a Game number 3 was required to decide the winner of the Greek Balkan Qualifiers and owner of the ticket to the Balkan LoL League at  ITF Thessaloniki. Solid game by both TW Oathbreaker as Graves and Yuridis as Darius gave the victory, 750 Euro and the ticket for Finals which will take place 15-16th Sept. at ITF Thessaloniki. Soulfire Gaming made a great tournament and got rewarded with 250 Euro for that.

You can see the full program of ITF here : http://www.esl.eu/gr/news/202947/

and check the stream when it's up and running here :  http://www.cowboytv.gr/

Stay tuned with more coverage from the Final Stage of EBL news, interviews and more screens ! 

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