Thursday, September 13, 2012

EBL Finals - Teams Presentation

Four countries are contesting for the final stage of Balkan League on League of Legends. Greece, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria had their Qualifiers done and 4 teams are ready for the final stage at the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki between 15-16th Sept.

Greek InQuire Gaming
(  was the winners of the EBL Online Qualifiers at Greece among 120 teams. After an amazing final series against Soulfire Gaming, InQuire won with 2-1 and took the ticket for the final stage of the Balkan League ( Giannis “Xawl” Mitropoulos – 21 years old – Jungler with his well known Shyvana, Babis “Ownerftw” Raftopoulos – 22 years old – Top lane slash farmer, Nikos “Oathbraker” Haralabelis – 19 years old – AD Carry performing amazingly at the qualifiers, Marios “Maraxus” Haralabelis – 19 years old – AP Carry who likes to roam and the against the trends Alekos “alexanderthegr8” Vasilakis – 19 years old – Support are the 5 players of InQuire gaming that they are gonna be present at the Final stage at Thessaloniki.

32 teams from Romania competed for the ticket to Thessaloniki with ESL Romania LoL being the winners, winning Pandora gaming in the Grand Final. ESL Romania LoL ( from the winner bracket started the best of five series with 1-0 in their favor. The final score was 3-1 with their Jungler and Team captain  Pirjol "Zombilau" Florin-Alexandru – 21 years old – taking a penalty for insulting. Besides Zombilau team ESL Romania LoL is consisted by the experienced Baltat "AoD" Alin Ciprian – 19 years old – Support, the Go4Lol winner Alinei "Scorpion" Alin-Mihai – 17 years old – AD Carry, the newest member of the team Dinu "noskill" Alexandru Gabriel – 19 years old – AP Carry and his long lasted friend and highest elo player in the team Ciobotaru "GaBaNo" Gabriel – 16 years old – Top Lane. Those 5 elite Romanian players will fight for a total prize pool of 3.000 Euros + Hardware.

For Bulgaria only 8 teams took place in the EBL Qualifiers with Eternal Devastation ( in the final 
match series against  Low Elo with 2-0 and Mihail “Captain Bulgaria“ Sokolov – 21 years old – AP Carry playing a devastating Morgana at the 2nd game of the series. Next to the one of the top 10  solo queue players in Nordic and East are Martin “Ghost Racoon xD“ Yotinski – 18 years old – AD Carry who had an amazing performance through the qualifiers, team captain 

Viktor “digggi” Penelski – 20 years old – Support, ex-starcraft pro-gamer Toma "Enthrallment" Atanasov – 19 years old – Top lane and one of the best junglers in the Balkan League Plamen “napraen” Stoqnov – 22 years old – with his dominant Lee Sin.

Finally Croatia will be represented by, the well know to the Go4Lol fans for their 4 wins of the tournament and their amazing performance at the IEM Kiev qualifiersGuru Gaming( who won Insane Quality 2-1 at the final series. The youngest player of the team, team captain and one of the original Guru Gaming team Domagoj "Cro Assasin" Fumić – 16 years old – will hold the role of the jungler. As a support player, the  former Guru Gaming member and  really aggressive support, Davor "DacoCro" Komljenović – 17 years old – who will be accompanied at bottom lane by Martin "tinci" Kolarić – 24 years old – AD carry , a 2nd lineup team member who joined the "Seniors" just 5 weeks ago. Top and Middle lane will be occupied by the newest member of the team Stjepan "discoLuzer" Brstilo – 22 years old – and the well know for his farming skills  Marko "DominatorGT" Horvat – 19 years old –  relatively.

All 4 teams played already with each other for the Play-offs seeding with ESL Romania LoL taking the first place. 2nd place was taken by the Greek team InQuire Gaming while 3rd and 4th place was taken from Guru Gaming and Eternal Devastation. More information for the matches can be found here :

The only thing that is remaining is to see those 4 teams battle with each other for the 3000 Euro pool prize LAN at ITF Thessaloniki Greece! 

Stay tuned for more news, game reviews and interviews !

Full program can be found here :
Streams willbe up for all 4 countries :

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