Sunday, September 16, 2012

ESL Balkan League Grand Final GRE vs BG Replays and Review

Game 1

Bans : Malphite, Zyra, Skarner, Shen, Regnar, Yorick
Picks :
Eternal Devastation (BG) : Syvana, Morgana, Irelia, Corki, Lulu (Blue Team)
InQuire Gaming (GRE) : Maokai, Sona, Jayz, Ezreal, Oriana

InQuire Gaming banned Algara's Regnar (who had awesome semi-final games) and  let Captain Bulgaria pick his favorite Morgana while tried to counter him with a Korea-styled transition of bottom lane to mid. So at the beginning we had Oriana top, Ezreal and Sona mid and Jayz bot. Things, farm wise, did not begin well for the Greek team with all lanes being behind in CS.
The First Blood came at 4th minute when Jayz alone at bot died due to heavy pressure from Corki and Lulu. Soon after the BG swaped their bot and top as well although they were winning both lanes.
8 min. High pressure at bot continued awarding the first tower in the game for Eternal Devastation
10 min. First kill for InQuire Gaming on a 3vs3 with Jayz using his teleport.
At 12th min Purple team found Blue out of position and got an uncontested Drake and the scouting Irelia as bonus.
Early oracle on Maokai and alot of wards  6 to 1 in favor of Greek team gave superior map control for InQuire gaming. So far the game is balanced with both team around the same gold.
17 min, Key Point. InQuire were defending their bottom tower without Ezreal who was pushing top lane when almost perfect synchronization and  a great synergy from their ultimates killed instant 2 members of the Bulgarian team and on the chase that followed picked up another 2. 4 kills for nothing in favor of Greek team  and a Drake and a tower. Inquire Gaming took a small lead there.
20 min Purple team try to split push with Yuridis (Jayz) at bot but Eternal Devastation picked up the momentum and managed to kill 2 member of the Greek team at middle and a tower before they manage to react.
24 min into InQuire gaming taking advantage of their superior map vision caught Eternal Devastation out of possition and did an uncontested Baron. On the follow up fight they killed 3 members of Blue team and afterwards they took down mid tower and drake. Greek team has a solid now  7k gold, with Yuridis again making a great performance for his team.
Superior warding for the Greek team 12 wards for 2 of the Bulgarian
29min Eternal Devastation made an easy kill on Sona and tried to extend their advantage by chasing the whole Greek team. Great poke and slow from Oriana and Ezreal turned the fight around and Greek team scored an ACE.
32 min. InQuire gaming again tried to split push with Jayz at bot while the rest of the team was around the recently spawned Baron. Greek team initiated with Maokai with and with awesome communication and co-ordination evaporated the Bulgarian team with 3 ultimates (Ezreal, Oriana, Sona) landing on all 5 members of  Blue team. ACE for the Greek team for no deaths.
33 min Eternal Devastation surrenders. Game 1 goes to Greece . GG!
Captain Bulgaria did not manage to do much with his Morgana. Superior vision, map control and great co-ordination for the Greek team led them to the win !

Replay : InQuire Gaming (GRE) vs Eternal Devastation (BG) Game 1 with Zenon The Stoic Shoutcasting ! Enjoy !

Game 2

Bans : Gragas, Regnar, Yorick, Zyra, Oriana, Shen
Picks :
InQuire Gaming (GRE) : Skarner, Graves, Nunu, Ahri, Jayz (Blue Team)
Eternal Devastation (BG) : Ezreal, Alistar, Lee Sin, Morgana, Irelia (Purple Team)

Bold move from the Greek team at picks/bans, where they left some of the highest rated people in Nordic and East pick their favorite picks. Captain Bulgaria went again for Morgana while Naprean went for Lee Sin.

First Blood went on Ahri when she landed a Charm on Morgana and Skarner was nearby to secure the kill
6 min. After a duel at top between Jayz and Irelia, Algara comes and finishes Jayz . Skarner showed up as well but he was no problem for the 2 levels higher Lee Sin who killed too.
8 min. Eternal Devastation tried to exploit Skarners low levels and roamed his jungle picking up a kill and securing a Dragon. Skarner is left behind being only lvl 4 while his counter-part Lee Sin is 7.
10 min. Lee Sin dives Ahri in his effort to finish her off, but Skarner shows up and picks up the kill coming back into the game.
18min. First team fight of the game near the dragon, which lasted pretty long with jukes in the bushes from both teams, with Bulgarian team scoring 4 kills while the Greek managed to kill 3 enemy heroes. The game is balanced so far with a slight advantage on the Bulgarian team of 2k gold. Blue team are in front in towers with 2-0 while Purple has more kills 4-7.
21 min. Key Point. A weird ultimate from Ahri at mid vs 3 members of Eternal Devastation. On the counter-initiate Irelia scores a Quadra kill for 0 deaths for the Bulgarian team. At this point of the game Enthralment (Irelia) and Captain Bulgaria (Morgana) are really fed with 7/1/5 and 5/1/8 relatively.
23 min. Uncontested Baron for Eternal Devastation who picked up Skarner earlier.
Taking advantage of their baron buff the Bulgarian team pushes for objectives extending their advantage to 9k gold.
34 min. The Greek team tried to make a comeback by sneaking on Baron. Eternal Devastation were on their way too. On the team fight that broke out the Bulgarian Team scored an ACE and took the game. GG !
Eternal Devastation with great plays from their Top,mid and jungle managed to take a lead and keep it up until the end with almost zero mistakes. The good thing is we have a 3rd game of the series to find out who will be the final winner of the Balkan League !
InQuire Gaming (GRE) vs Eternal Devastation (BG) Game 2 
Replay : InQuire Gaming (GRE) vs Eternal Devastation (BG) Game 2 with Zenon The Stoic Shoutcasting ! Enjoy !

Game 3

Bans :Yorick , Skarner, Oriana, Zyra, Regnar, Shen
Picks :
Eternal Devastation (BG) : Lee Sin, Gragas, Ezreal, Irelia, Alistar
InQuire Gaming (GRE) : Shyvana, Corki, Taric, Darius, Ahri

Eternal Devastation are again able to pick some of their strong picks suchs as Gragas and Lee Sin.

First Blood for Darius who killed Irelia with some assistance from Shyvana. Yuridis took this way some early advantage
10 min. Gragas ganged top for an easy kill on Yuridis
11 min. After a kill at bot lane, InQuire Gaming tried to do drake but the poke from Eternal Devastation was strong. On the retreat Ahri was picked up and the Bulgarian team secured the drake.
13 min. Darius and Shyvana ganged again top but Gragas come fast to assist, taking this way 2 kills. A slight advantage for Eternal Devastation with 2k gold difference.
16 min. The Bulgarian team stole again for 2nd time Purple teams blue buff, leaving again Ahri without Blue
21 min. Captain Bulgaria (Gragas) is dominating with 2/0/2 and 60 CS over Ahri. A few skirmish fights at top lane with Eternal Devastation always winning the trades by 1 or 2 kills. 3rd Purple team blue goes to Eternal Devastation.
31 min. Key Point. The Greek team is camping a bush near baron waiting to ambush Eternal Devastation. When Blue team showed up Ahri missed the charm, Corki had a bad position and Alistar with his ultimate up was focused. All this lead to an ACE for the Bulgarian team and zero kills for the Greek one. Baron followed and a couple of towers in mid. Huge advantage for the Blue team , leading with 10k gold. Everything seems lost for the InQuire Gaming.
35min. Fight outside the Purple Base with Eternal Devastation picking up the ACE and the game number 3. GG!
Great plays again ,as we have seen through the tournament, from Captain Bulgaria and Algara (Lee Sin). Ahri was denied all the blue buffs ,making her unable to follow Gragas. Eternal Devastation won 2-1 the series proving to be on of the best Balkanian Team and got awarded with the first prize of 1200 Euros. InQuire Gaming had a solid performance through the tournament with Yuridis and Oathbreaker having great games. We have seen some nice co-ordination and synergy's from the Greek team at the first game of the Final series.
Eternal Devastation (BG) vs InQuire Gaming (GRE) Game 3
Replay : InQuire Gaming (GRE) vs Eternal Devastation (BG) Game 3 with Zenon The Stoic Shoutcasting ! Enjoy !

Prizes : 1st 1200 Euro , 2nd 800 Euro, 3rd 600 Euro, 4th 400 Euro
Final Rankings 1st Eternal Devastation (BG) , 2nd InQuire Gaming (GRE) , 3rd ESL Romania LoL (RO) , 4th Guru Gaming (CRO)

Congratulations Eternal Devastation !


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  3. Well played. I truly enjoyed watching a bunch of players that aren't even a real team stomp south-east Europe's best teams. Even though Guru are buckets the other three teams made an awesome show and I am glad the best team obviously got what they deserved and in front of the Greek crowd demolished the over hyped Greek excuse for a pro-team. Misho and Plamen thought the Balkans how to play LOL and Byfo shined with some incredible game-carrying plays. Great map control, decision making and fight picking like that are the true signs of a strong team in the making. It is kind of sad that Napraen already plays for them Bacon Lovers, otherwise it would have been incredible to see a clash between these two growing beasts. I truly hope to see you all in a big event, an MLG, IEM or even an IPL, crossing mice with crs, SK, M5 and aTn. Well played, пичой, well played indeed.