Sunday, September 16, 2012

Balkan League Day 1 Recap


Day 1 of Balkan League Fianl Stage. Today the two semi-finals were held. ESL Romania Lol was facing the Bulgarian team Eternal Devastation  while at the 2nd match the Greek InQuire gaming (former the TW) was against the Croatian team Guru gaming.

ESL Romania Lol (RO) VS Eternal Devastation (BG)

Game 1 

Ban : Ahri, Morgana, Oriana, Karthus, Malphite, Shen
ESL Romania Lol : Skarner, Sonna, Caitlin, Vladimir, Irelia (Blue)
Eternal Devastation : Blitz, Yorick, Regnar, Zaira, Ezreal (Purple)

Both teams stayed at their jungle without any level 1 aggression. Zombilau as Skarner began really aggressive with lane presence awarding himself with a First Blood  at Top lane against overextended Yorick while Regnar was focusing on farming his own jungle.
The first Drake of the game went to the Romanian team at 11th min. after Irelia and Skarner roamed Eternal Devastations jungle and caught Captain Bulgaria (Oriana) unaware. The answer from the Bulgarian team came soon after the drake at bot, with Regnar leading a 3 man dive at Caitlin.
12 minutes long in the game Eternal Devastation swapped their bot with top lane resulting in the first tower destruction in the game in favor of ESL Romania. The game so far was equal with a small advantage of 2k gold in favor of the Bulgarian team.
Eternal Devastation kept pressuring killing the 2nd dragon in the game after a 2 for 2 exchange.
At 20 mins after a bad initiation of ESL Romania, Eternal devastation took the momentum and killed 4 Romanian players without any of their team dying.
Soon after Skarner got caught for 3rd time in game giving 2 middle towers and inhibitor to BG. Caitlin got caught near baron and escaped with almost no health , allowing Eternal Devastation an easy Baron plus a 2 for 1 trade in their favor in ESL Romania effort to steal the Baron.
The Bulgarian team with solid advantage and a Baron buff kept pushing and sieging Blue teams base taking down bot Inhibitor at 26 mins. ESL Romania were forced to give a last fight in order to save their base but Eternal Devastation made no mistakes and won the fight and the game. Blitz hooks and superior warding gave the chance to Eternal Devastation to take the 1st game of the series, while Skarner made a poor performance getting caught out of position 3 times.

Game 2

Bans: Karthus, Skarner, Shen, Ahri, Morgana, Yorick

Eternal Devastation: Corki, Regnar, Irelia, Gragas, Lulu (Blue)

ESL Romania LoL: Jarvan, Ezreal, Sona, Vladimir, Jax (Purple)

Algara with Regnar did an awesome game again, taking the First Blood at mid with Gragas assisting and a few seconds later after predicting Zombilau movement in his jungle(camping the brush near Purple teams Wraiths) they scored a 2nd kill with Captain Bulgaria taking it this time. Regnar and Gragas continued to pressure around the map with the 1st scoring a double kill at bot after taking advantage of his passive, his red buff and an excellent ultimate of Gragas at the escaping Ezreal.
The first drake of the game followed for Eternal Devastation with a bonus kill of Jarvan who was trying to check the dragon area. 10 mins into the game and already the Bulgarian team has a solid advantage of 4k gold and a score of 5-0.
Again a mistake from Zombilau (Jarvan) who tried to defend the top tower against Gragas and Irelia and a huge minion wave, forcing the nearby low-health Jax to assist him which resulted in giving 2 kills to Eternal Devastation. Esl Romania was really behind and seemed unable to withstand the BG team pressuring.
Eternal Devastation wanted to "seal the deal" and forced a dragon fight at 16m. Even with Corki's bad initiation (jumping into the enemy team) Blue team won the team fight with 4 champions kills for 0. Eternal Devastation with huge advantage started roaming and diving towers getting this way 2 inhibitors.
At the last fight of the game at 21m inside ESL Romania base Ezreal managed to pick up the first and only kill for his team with an ulty at the retreating Irelia but soon after that Purple teams Nexus went down.
Early aggression from Algara and Captain Bulgaria made the 2nd BOSS,caring his team and ending the game with an amazing performance and a score of 9/0/6.

The series ended with 2-0 in favor of Eternal Devastation which they will play tomorrow with the winner of the other bracket at the Grand Final.

InQuire Gaming (GR) vs Guru Gaming (Cro)

Game 1 

Unfortunately, the game started 40 minutes earlyer than scheduled and I was unable to watch it.
The game went to InQuire gaming

Game 2

InQuire Gaming: Malphite, Taric, Teemo, Varus, Oriana
Guru Gaming: Shyvana, Graves, Swain, Sona, Diana

Team InQuire Gaming began the game with an unexpected swap. Their AD carry player Nikos "Oathbreaker" Haralabelis changed roles with their TOP player Babis "ownerftw" Raftopoulos. Guru gaming played with Double AP both at mid and top lanes.
Some early aggression from both teams at the laning phase ended with 2 kills in favor of Guru at bot and 1 kill in favor of Teemo at top lane. The game went smoothly and balanced with a few kills now and then.
 At 14 mins long Guru had a slight advantage of 1.5k gold, Swain being under great pressure from Teemo and with both junglers clearing the map from wards with oracle's elixir.
The first tower of the game went down at 18 min with a 4 people group up and no answer from the Greek team.
At a skirmish fight near the dragon Swain was an easy target for the overfarmed Ownerftw (Varus) ending the fight with 2-1 in favor of the Greek team and their 2nd dragon in the game. 5 mins later the next dragon went to Guru after a small skirmish at mid ending with 2 kill for both teams and an advantage for the Croatian team.
Still the game is balanced with the score being at 11-11 but with Varus being almost 100 CS in front of the 2nd player in the game.
The key point of the match was the 35th minute when Xawl (Malphite) picked up Diana with a great ultimate and in the fight that followed InQuire scored 4 kills for 0 deaths and then they picked up easily 2 towers and Baron.
A few minutes later (38 min ) Varus caught Swain out of position and assassinated him. In the fight that followed 2 more members of Guru died without taking any members of the Greek team in return resulting to the nexus take down and the victory for the Greek team.
Varus 380 minions at 38 minutes of game made him godlike and able to lead his team to victory.

InQuire won the series 2-0 over Guru Gaming, placing themselves against Eternal Devastation at today's final. Guru will face ESL Romania in the small final earlier today.

Good Luck to all and stay tuned !

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