Sunday, November 4, 2012

Statistics on LoL Season 2 World Championship, Top-Bot lanes (part 2)

Here is the 2nd part of the statistics and some comments including Top and Bottom lane. You can find the 1st part with Middle Lane and Jungle here. There is gonna be a 3rd part of this post as well so stay tuned ! 

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For our Greek fans Void Gaming won at the  Greek Go4LoL Cup final! Congratulations to both teams.


  • Another TPA player, Stanley this time seems to be the more effective top lane (always regarding K/D ratio).
  • Azubu Shy had a really aggressive tournament, having the most kills and deaths per game.
  • Kenin and Voyboy contributed the less to their team but still the games they have are too few to make an accurate conclusion.
  • Shen and Jayce look like the most commonly used champions. 

AD Carry

While someone will expect more from AD carries they tend to have a lower K/D ration than Middle and Top lane.

  • The most effective seems to be Bebeisadog from TPA with 5.63 K/D ratio.
  • Woong has an amazing amount of assists, 84!
  • I think I did not have to make any research to conclude that the most commonly used AD carry is Ezreal. Also Kog Maw is doing pretty well


  • There is a close competition between supports with the 4 first being really close. 
  • We can see Gosu Pepper and Mistake having the same K/D ratio but both doing great job by having as few kills as possible with under than 1 kill/game.
  • In my opinion and comparing more numbers than just K/D ratio, Gosu Pepper had the best performance in the tour while Mistake is  slightly behind him.
  • Madlife  is on a killiiinggggg SPREEEEee with 2.5 kills per game, that is why probably Woong has so few kill/game. Someone was stealing them ;).
  • We can see that Sonna and Nunu are dominating in the support role.

Comparing Bot Lanes

By comparing the bottom lanes we can see that the first 4 remain the same with TPA and M5 having the two best followed by Azubu and CLG EU. On the bottom half of the table things change a little. CLG.NA have the best between TSM and SK Gaming with added K/D ratio 3.81. SK Gaming on the other hand have the worst with 3.28 added K/D ratio. Although their lane was not doing any well they insisted in the Graves/Lulu setup in all the 3 games they played.

Third part is coming soon!
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  1. Sonna? Zaria? What game are you playing?

  2. Sonna was probably the most commonly picked support, while Zaira was most prefered by Gosu Pepers and maybe a few more picks from the other support players

  3. Nunu was on of the most played if not the most played support. Do not forget that those picks are the ones that each support player picked most of the times. Of course they played more heroes that they are not shown on the table.