Friday, October 10, 2014

Greek #Worlds Viewing Parites!

As the time for semi finals and finals is getting closer summoners around the world gather together to enjoy their favourite eSport, League of Legend.

Greek viewing parties are sprouting like Teemo's mushroons giving the ability to the fellow Greek summoners enjoy the #Worlds action along with their friends.

It is also nice to see that Greece appears to be one of the countries with the most registered viewing parties especially if you consider its population. Specifically Greece is the second country when looking at the number of Viewing Parties just after U.S.

  1. USA - 57
  2. Greece - 18
  3. Germany - 17
  4. Brazil - 13
  5. France - 11
  6. UK - 8

North, Central, South or West you have plenty of choices! inSpot and Battlent gaming stations are hosting most of the 18 viewing parties (keep up thet good job)! Athens, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Kilkis,Heraklion, Ptolemaida and Nafplio are some of the cities hosting the events.

You can see all the locations and the details of each event at the Riots website here.

Where are you going to see Worlds?

Source: TeemosHut