Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Champion's Lore, Relationships and Rivalries the True Story! (Part One)

Well I was inactive long enough... started my studies abroad for my MSc, so new home, new uni, new ppl a lot of things to do but I guess none cares ! 

So here we are with something a lot of ppl would like(I hope at least) : Characters relationships, background and some information i think important before they entered the Field of Justice. I will start with a few(due to lack of time) and the rest are coming, be sure about that.

First there is a short video in order to have a small idea of whats they main plot-lore of League of Legends:

Here we go with the first group of heroes! You can find the second part here.

  • Galio 

was inspired by a Damacian girl with a crown (aka Poppy) and he joined the :League. (Hotfixed ! )

  • Garen and Katarina from Garen point of view.

After the first time Garen fought Katarina in the battlefield, he then looks for a chance to fight her again due to the challenge. Rumours say otherwise.

  • Rengar and Kha'Zix from Rengar point of view

Rengar looked for a challenging rival to fight with.When he found Kha'Zix they fought for hours until both were wounded really bad.During the fight he lost his eye.He is  looking for revenge since then

  • Kaz ix and Rengar from Kaz ix point of view

Kaz ix after leaving The Void he was looking for  critter/lesser victims to evolve his powers. When Rengar interrupted him, he fougth him until they both were really injured.Since then he  seeks to consume such a powerful creature.


Additionally more realy cool things happen when those two meet each other in a game

  • Soraka and Warwick from Sorakas point of view.

 Warwick still human and desperate about the loss of his wife went to Soraka's sacred grove to ask for help. After befriending Soraka he went to avenge for his wife's death making this way Soraka to leave her sacred grove and use her powers for harm in order to save him. While Soraka was healing his wounds, Warwick stabbed her with a knife and started running. Soraka cursed him while she was listening a howl coming from his way .

  • Warwick and Soraka from Warwick point of view.

 Warwick wanted to make an elixir and one of the 3 materials needed was Sorakas heart. He baited out of her grove but failed to take her heart. After Signed made him the elixir he asked for w/o the heart of Soraka  he became a werewolf. After that he tries to get Soraka's heart to stabilize his form.

  • Amumu and  Ezreal

Ezreal  found Amumu in one of his expedition  in a pyramid in Shurima Desert along with a very powerful amulet that gives the ability to his wearer to give shape to energy.

  • Anivia

She got friendship with Nunu and Ashe. They all hang out at the same mountain.

  • Ashe and  Tryndamer 

    Rumors say that they have an affair outside of the League. Some would say they are married (thx for the comment).

    • Cassiopia

    is Katarina's sister

    • Heimerdinger 

    has  3 PhD's and he is supposed to be the smartest Yordle, guess some ppl are jealous of him

    • Corki 

    is a good friend of Heimerdinger

    • Darius 

    has Swain as  a role-model / leader. I guess we want to become a crow

    • Draven's

     brother is Darius.

    • Fiora 

    is rumored to be the most notorious duelist in Damacia.

    • Fizz 

    with his resourcefulness and knowledge of the sea defeated a huge Dragon-Shark at Bilgewater port gaining respect, gratitude and maybe an ultimate!
    That's about the 1/3, hope you enjoyed it. Hope I can post more soon !

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    1. galio was inspired by poppy, not tristana

      also you forgot about nasus and renekton, twisted fate and evelyn, malz and kass....

    2. Ahse and Trynd are actually married. Then there is Garen and Lux, Heimer with Blitz and Rumble, Kayle and Morgana, TF and Graves, Ashe and Sejuani (and Lissandra)... And many many many MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY more

    3. Hotfixed both! More are comming and keep replying !

    4. Ashe and Tryndamere are married, Ashe said they married for political reasons and not actual love...

    5. It was actually through Blitzcrank's Dating service ("Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatibility Service") that matched Tryndamere with Ashe.

    6. That's an amazing piece of information, thanks Youri!

    7. Do you have any insights on Lassandra and how she connects to Ashe and Sejuani?