Sunday, September 16, 2012

Balkan League Day 2 Small-Final

Battling for the 3rd place ESL Romania LoL (RO) was facing the Guru Gaming (CRO)

Game 1 

Bans : Karthus, Morgana, Shen, Irelia, Ahri, Malphite
Picks :
ESL Romania LoL : Ezreal, Sona, Vladimir, Shyvana, Jax (Blue team)
Guru Gaming : Yorick, Graves, Blitz, Oriana, Lee Sin (Purple Team)

Cro Assasin managed to picked his favorite champion, Lee Sin, while the ESL Romania team went for a more late-farm dependant set-up. Nothing really happened in the first 10 mins of the game only a couple of unsuccessful gang attempts.
First Blood came at Bot for Purple team with a 3 man gang, killing sona and leaving Ezreal low health
At 11 min Graves caught asleep by Ezreal while teleporting back to base. Easy kill and the first dragon of the game for ESL Romania.
17 mins into the game,  Jax makes a solo kill at top and picks up the first tower for Blue team. Skirmish fights here and there around the map but with no kill for either teams. So far the game is balanced with 2-1 kills in favor of ESL Romania but a 2k gold lead for Guru Gaming.
At 23 min AoD, as Sona, made a great ultimate at middle lane caughting 4 ppl of Guru. At the fight that followed ESL Romania killed 3 players and the tower for only 2 deaths. Lee Sin is relay dominant at this point scoring or assisting in the kills of his team with score 3/0/5 while Vladimir and Ezreal (Scorpion) have great performances as well.
Another fight at top, all ESL Romania diving Oriana at top tower killing 3 members of Guru while Guru answered for 3 kills for themselves as well.
Both teams are playing really cautious without taking any risks
The 32 mins was the key point of the match. Blitz picks up Sona, who was clearing wards, and Shyvana as well on the follow up fight. The 5 members of Guru  still alot healthy but without ultimates tried baron against Jax, Vladimir and Ezreal. Team ESL Romania made the comeback taking an ACE without anyone of the 3 heroes dying and then picked up the baron for themselves with a really nice attempt.
Ezreal and Vladimir came out really strong after the last Baron fight. ESL Romania kept pushing for objectives with the Baron buff picking up towers and Dragon.
At 37th minute ESL Romania with a awesome ultimate from AoD (again) caughting 4 ppl they dived Guru gaming Scoring an ACE for 2nd time in the game and taking Nexus. GG !
Amazing performance from Scorpion with Ezreal with 6/0/10 and noskill007 with  Vladimir 8/1/8.

ESL Romania LoL (RO) vs Guru Gaming (CRO) Game 1 
Game 2 

Bans : Karthus, Ezreal, Shen, Ahri, Malphite, Morgana
Guru Gaming : Lee Sin, Nunu, Kog Maw, Oriana, Yorick
ESL Romania LoL : Skarner, Graves, Sona, Vladimir, Irelia

Picks haven't changed much and the game run smoothly.
First Blood came at 8th minute with GabanoV2 solo Yorick and setting up a strong advantage with 1 kill and 30 minions more (64 vs 34 CS).
One minute later AoD as Sona following up from his great performance from the last game, made a nice ultimate and secured 2 kills at bottom with the support of Skarner and Graves. On the follow up Lee Sins came for the counter gang and picked up the low health Sona and Skarner.
14 min and Irealia is bulling Yorick picking up the tower while Graves and Sona picked up the bot tower. After an immediate gather they the dragon was killed for a solid advantage of 5k gold too soon into the game.
At 17 minute a nice Impale from Zombilau on Lee Sin secured the kill and middle tower for ESL Romania. Yorick and Kog Maw are really behind in farm and items making Guru Gaming unable to team fight.
21 min. Zombilau initiating on Yorick with Impale and at the fight that follows the Romanian team wins with 4 kills to 1 death. With 4 people alive they pick up an uncontested baron taking an advantage of 10k gold already.
23 min Dejavu initiation on Yorick killing both him and Oriana plus mid tower and inhibitor. Really bad game from discoluzer (Yorick) loosing his lane (97 CS so far) and getting caught out of position a couple of times.
At 25 min another Impale initiation on Oriana followed by 2 more kills a tower and a bot inhibitor. ESL Romania are DOMINATING.
ESL Romania are really strong and can finish the game any time but they are waiting for baron for a more secure win. At 28 mins baron came up and with him they picked up an ACE and the game, GG!
ESL Romania made a great game with almost no mistakes amazing initiation from Zombilau and his Skarner, taking this way the series with 2-0 and the 3rd place!

No screenshot with scores available ( print screen fail )

Stay tuned for the Grand Final of InQuire Gaming (GRE) vs Eternal Devastation (BG) at 4:30 Local time. Do not forget u can  still vote for the winner !
Enjoy :)

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  1. Zombilau here.

    I'd like to congratulate you on your reviews . You analysis was very profound and captured the key moments of the games. It was a pleasure reading both reviews of day 1 and day 2.