Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Statistics for LoL Season 2 World Championship Mid-Jungle (part 1)

Haven't post for a while but things are getting busier and busier.

So I have made a small research on the Season 2 Finals Stage games and I have got some statistics. They are about k/d ratios of some of the best teams in the world (TPA, Azubu Frost, M5 CLG Eu, CLG NA, SK Gaming and TSM) plus some statistics about mid and top lanes. At the post only middle and jungle are going to be presented because it takes alot of time to create those tables.

As you can see some teams like WE, IG, Dignitas, Najin and SaJ are missing because of the huge amount of data that would be gathered if they were taken into consideration

You can use Summoner's Call soundtrack as backround while you browse here !

Monday, October 15, 2012

TPA Toyz review on other MID laners

Rebroadcasting an interesting post  from reddit :)

Try to rebroadcast as fast as I can, will add some more comments later on :)

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TPA Toyz had an amazing performance at Season 2 Finals, dominating in every game. His plays were awesome and he managed to keep his death count close to zero (if not zero) to most of the games. The only game I remember him having trouble (as he admitted at his facebook post you are going to read) was vs "M5 AlexIch" Eve, where his team lost the 1st game as well.

You can find TPA Toyz post translated here.

SK Ocelote answered to the post here.

Enjoy !

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Top League of Legends Players Quotes

First of all, Congratulations to TPA for their amazing performance at Season 2 Finals live event!

Here are some quotes of some of my favorite LoL players. Feel free to add comments with your players quote and I will update :)

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  • "Real?"
  • "This Guy ?"
  • "Sooooooo bad. So ****ing bad."

One of my favorite LoL moments: Nunu who is having a terrible game (if you have 15 spare minutes you can check  here a more extended video of the game,it is worth the effort in my opinion) is camping top. But then decides to leave without Hotshot realising it... and here is what happens...HILARIUS 


  • [All] scarra (Katarina): O
[All] scarra (Katarina): MY
[All] scarra (Katarina): GOD
[All] scarra (Katarina): ROFL

  • "So we're losing to jungle Poppy"
  • "This game"
  • "-i'm just going to shove this lane

-i got greedy there, shouldn't have gone in that far
-but i'm okay with that."


  • "I do tha gonks!"
  • "Common Son!"
  • "Doublelift, stop thinking. Your thinking is bad."
  • "I hate this game" (Thx Dunkmacia from reddit) UPDATE


  • "You might think I'm being whiny but I'm just in character."
  • "It's up to ODDONE, to carry this game" (Thx Remyslayer from reddit) UPDATE


  • Dyrus had his favorite blanket around his shoulders and he put his head down on his desk cause he was tired. Then he said "aww i just farted but i am too tired to sit up... i guess i eat my own farts"
  • "Need to get better with "spaceman" (Nautilus)

Friday, October 12, 2012

75 Teemo Deaths/sec

As a Chinese proverb said : One picture is worth ten thousand words...more or less :)
So here is a nice picture! (with some words inside) :
(UPDATE. Because I realized it is hard to read here is the link)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Champion's Lore, Relationships and Rivalries the True Story! (Part Two)

As promised here is the second part of the Lore series! You can check the first part (a lot of interesting stories) of the series with Rengar vs Kha'Zix rivalry and Fizz lore updated(with some cool videos) here.

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(UPDATE. Azubu are facing TPA in the finals)

And the story continues :

  • Graves and Twisted Fate :

Grave's mate Twisted Fate in a high-stakes card game when both flipped four aces in their final hand. Since then they are con-partners until Graves hustled Dr. Priggs. Priggs offered Twisted Fate the chance to control magic (a long lasted TF desire) but he asked him to give him Graves in exchange.  Things happened as planned and Graves ended captive of some of the most unscrupulous wardens in Zaun until he escaped. Since then he is seeking TF for revenge !

  • Kennen

    Although Kennen belongs to the ninja group(Akali and Shen), they all prefer to work alone!

    • Leona


    Although Leona does not have any relations with other champions (except her childhood friend Pantheon), she has some pretty cool in game mechanics because of her power to command "The light". There is a rumor (as shown below) that heroes with Sunglasses (even heroes who wear sunglasses in their skins) take -1 dmg from Leona's Light attacks. 

    Other than that "The "sunlight" from her abilities interacts with Zyra (makes her larger for a few secs)

  • Irelia

At the Great Stand of the Placidium when Ionians were ready to surrender to Noxious, Irelia picked up her father sword and inspired them into resistance. While her soul was fading, Soraka made a last effort to keep her alive. Irelia rose at the brink of death with her father's sword dancing around slaying the enemies.

  • Jarvan IV

Jarvan is member of the Damacias Royal family. At one of his battles with the Noxians he suffered a crushing defeat from Jerico Swain, who captured him. This capture might have been the last moments of his life, when Urgot tried to kill him but an elite Damacian strike force interrupted them and saved Jarvan. Since then Xin Zhao said he was changed to something else.

  • Jax

When Jax entered The League he had such a winning streak that The League decided to create specials restriction to Jax to fight under. Jax imposed his own special condition by using only a brass lamp-post as a weapon. Later on, The League removed those conditions but Jax did not.

  • Jayce and Viktor

Piltover government commissioned Jayce to study a really uncommon arcane crystal. He figured out that this crystal was of great power and those news soon reached Viktor's ears. Viktor failed to convince  Jayce to work together on the crystal, so he stole it. While his government didn't want to take aggression, Jayce spent a vast amount of hours in the lab crafting the Mercury Hammer. With his hammer in hand he marched solo to Zaun, when he faced Viktro and his minions. After a long fight with both of them badly wounded, Jayce managed to strike a desperate strike to the crystal and escaped.

  • Viktor

Victor invented Blitzcrank, but professor Stanwick stole his invention and later he used Viktors research to revive Urgot.

  • Kayle

Kayle and Morgana are sisters. (Morgana is the evil one)

  • Miss Fortune

She joined the league to find the killer of her mother...poor Gangplank!

That's all for now!Feel free to comment and the third and last part of the series is coming soon ! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Season 2 Top Moments, Team Overview and Power Ranks for Season 2 Finals !!

Actually I found a great link/post about Season 2 final stage presenting the Teams, Top Moments, Team Overviews, Power Rankings and more and I though I could give it more publicity !


You can thank :
TeamLiquid LoL write-up for this post, NeoIllusions, Jbright, MoonBear and Chiharu Harukaze with special thanks to TheYango and nyxnyxnyx.
The link to their forumis : http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/ , you can find the main site from there if you are interested.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Champion's Lore, Relationships and Rivalries the True Story! (Part One)

Well I was inactive long enough... started my studies abroad for my MSc, so new home, new uni, new ppl a lot of things to do but I guess none cares ! 

So here we are with something a lot of ppl would like(I hope at least) : Characters relationships, background and some information i think important before they entered the Field of Justice. I will start with a few(due to lack of time) and the rest are coming, be sure about that.

First there is a short video in order to have a small idea of whats they main plot-lore of League of Legends:

Here we go with the first group of heroes! You can find the second part here.

  • Galio 

was inspired by a Damacian girl with a crown (aka Poppy) and he joined the :League. (Hotfixed ! )

  • Garen and Katarina from Garen point of view.

After the first time Garen fought Katarina in the battlefield, he then looks for a chance to fight her again due to the challenge. Rumours say otherwise.

  • Rengar and Kha'Zix from Rengar point of view

Rengar looked for a challenging rival to fight with.When he found Kha'Zix they fought for hours until both were wounded really bad.During the fight he lost his eye.He is  looking for revenge since then

  • Kaz ix and Rengar from Kaz ix point of view

Kaz ix after leaving The Void he was looking for  critter/lesser victims to evolve his powers. When Rengar interrupted him, he fougth him until they both were really injured.Since then he  seeks to consume such a powerful creature.


Additionally more realy cool things happen when those two meet each other in a game

  • Soraka and Warwick from Sorakas point of view.

 Warwick still human and desperate about the loss of his wife went to Soraka's sacred grove to ask for help. After befriending Soraka he went to avenge for his wife's death making this way Soraka to leave her sacred grove and use her powers for harm in order to save him. While Soraka was healing his wounds, Warwick stabbed her with a knife and started running. Soraka cursed him while she was listening a howl coming from his way .

  • Warwick and Soraka from Warwick point of view.

 Warwick wanted to make an elixir and one of the 3 materials needed was Sorakas heart. He baited out of her grove but failed to take her heart. After Signed made him the elixir he asked for w/o the heart of Soraka  he became a werewolf. After that he tries to get Soraka's heart to stabilize his form.

  • Amumu and  Ezreal

Ezreal  found Amumu in one of his expedition  in a pyramid in Shurima Desert along with a very powerful amulet that gives the ability to his wearer to give shape to energy.

  • Anivia

She got friendship with Nunu and Ashe. They all hang out at the same mountain.

  • Ashe and  Tryndamer 

    Rumors say that they have an affair outside of the League. Some would say they are married (thx for the comment).

    • Cassiopia

    is Katarina's sister

    • Heimerdinger 

    has  3 PhD's and he is supposed to be the smartest Yordle, guess some ppl are jealous of him

    • Corki 

    is a good friend of Heimerdinger

    • Darius 

    has Swain as  a role-model / leader. I guess we want to become a crow

    • Draven's

     brother is Darius.

    • Fiora 

    is rumored to be the most notorious duelist in Damacia.

    • Fizz 

    with his resourcefulness and knowledge of the sea defeated a huge Dragon-Shark at Bilgewater port gaining respect, gratitude and maybe an ultimate!
    That's about the 1/3, hope you enjoyed it. Hope I can post more soon !

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