Monday, October 28, 2013

Solo Queue: Trolls vs Motivation and Rewards

There are actually two opinions: a) ELO HELL does not exist, and b) ELO HELL is everywhere. I tend to a agree with both and no one of them. Actually depends on the amount of trolling in each division. But, why there is so much trolling?
Welcome to ELO HELL

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to play 5vs5 custom games with the same champions

Have you seen the hilarious video with 5vs5 custom games with the same champions? If not you can check the link below! 

Do you want to do the same? It is simple! Just follow the instructions below (use the modification at your own risks, in the worst case scenario you will need to repair LoL):

  1. First download
  2. Then copy it to C:\Riot Games\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.01.51\deploy\lib. (You can back up the existing file if you wish for later use)
  3. Open the client and create a custom game. The new custom game will be a duplicate pick game regardless of you actual chouce of mode.
  1. You may run into problems if someone leaves during champion select.
  2. Do not lock your champions because the game might crush. Just wait for the time to finish 
I hope you will enjoy your 5vs5 custom games with the same champions

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

SK vs Fnatic @ IEM Katowice. A game worth watching!

SKGaming vs Fnatic.Raidcall.@ IEM Katowice Group Stage - Day 2
The winner moves to the next stage while the loser gets home. Both teams were ready to fight for the victory. The lineups :

Fnatic.Raidcall : Kha'Zix, Caitlin, Zaira, Kassadin and Rammus

SK Gaming: Olaf, Cho'Gath, Elise, Ezreal, Janna

Link to the VoD : here.

With one quick look :
  • SK got an early advantage which they managed to snowball to up to 7k.
  • SK took objectives in mid game by landing stuns on Fnatic members and picking up kills.
  • Rammus was to weak with few minions and no kills.
  • Fnatic managed to stay in the game by taking a few dragons and towers.
  • SK are unable to make any big move on the map although they have the advantage.
  • Fnatic are starting to win team-fights.
  • Fnatic are getting objectives (Baron, Towers, Inhibitor).
  • In the epic final few minutes Fnatic xPeke wins the game for his team with an amazing play.

The game up to the 20th minute has few points to mention.
1. Rammus was unable to make any gang while at the same time he was falling behind in farm.
2. SK were getting a slight advantage over Fnatic getting a couple of towers and kills

In the mid game SK were strong

Early Game 5vs5 Tactics (Part 1)

Early Game 5vs5 Tactics (Part 1)

Using some footage from the game of CLG.EU vs Iceland (unfortunately my editing skills are not existent) I found a nice opportunity to talk about tactics. In this post I will talk about "Taking a tower down in 4 mins" and "Taking the enemy Blue Buff at 7 mins)

  1. Taking Top/Bot tower at 4 minutes . (11:29-13:07)

Firstly you need to 2vs1 the TOP lane and try to gather a huge minion wave. In order to do that you will need your ADC

Thursday, January 17, 2013

All-Star Teams by Region and Annie's New Animation

All-Star Teams by Region

A really interesting post on Reddit from Saffuran. In this post Saffuran is giving his opinion regarding the best teams and players in each region. I would find myself agree on most of his views and I am re-broadcasting because I think it did not get the attention it deserved.

Click here for the link.

Annie's New Animation

Finally a Fireball that looks like one! 

Some more images.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Offline Qualifiers and Legends Championship Series (LCS) Structure

The Offline Qualifier for Season 3 Legends Championship Series (LCS) are about to start. 16 Teams are going to compete with each other at each region for the 5 places that will lead to the LCS. The tournament will have the form of group stage, then Bo3 Single Eliminations games and placement matches between the teams eliminated in the quarterfinals for the 5th place.

The 16 NA teams that will struggle for one of the 5 place are the following while CLG.NA, TSM and Dignitas are already qualified.

S3 Offline Qualifiers NA teams

On the east side of the Atlantic, 16 European teams are getting ready for the offline qualifiers event while former M5, former CLG.EU and SK.Gaming are practicing for the LCS

S3 Offline Qualifiers EU teams

After the Offline Qualifiers the LCS is going to start at its going to have the following form:
1. First Half of LCS
2. Midseason Play-offs and Promotion Matches
3. All-Star Brake
4. Second Half of LCS

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PBE Champion Preview: Tresh the Chain Warden

Tresh the Chain Warden!

Tresh is in the midst of live balance passes and therefore any of the information below are subjected to change.

Tresh is a supportive champion that can be also be played in Jungle or Top lane. The main characteristic of Tresh is that if he uses his tools properly he can lock down a single champion for a long time. He has quite clear disadvantages of low mobility, reliance on skill shots and on the ability of his allies to capitalize the momentums he can create. 

Keeper of Souls (Innate): Thresh does not gain armor or magic resistance per level. Instead, he collects the souls of enemies that die near him. Souls permanently grant armor, magic resistance and ability power.

The souls can be dropped by minions while they are guaranteed to drop from Champions.  Tresh has to pick the souls by walking near them. The first soul will grant 1 bonus ability power, armor and magic resist. Subsequent souls will grant 0.01 less, down to a minimum of 0.5 per stack. This will stack indefinitely.