Saturday, January 19, 2013

SK vs Fnatic @ IEM Katowice. A game worth watching!

SKGaming vs Fnatic.Raidcall.@ IEM Katowice Group Stage - Day 2
The winner moves to the next stage while the loser gets home. Both teams were ready to fight for the victory. The lineups :

Fnatic.Raidcall : Kha'Zix, Caitlin, Zaira, Kassadin and Rammus

SK Gaming: Olaf, Cho'Gath, Elise, Ezreal, Janna

Link to the VoD : here.

With one quick look :
  • SK got an early advantage which they managed to snowball to up to 7k.
  • SK took objectives in mid game by landing stuns on Fnatic members and picking up kills.
  • Rammus was to weak with few minions and no kills.
  • Fnatic managed to stay in the game by taking a few dragons and towers.
  • SK are unable to make any big move on the map although they have the advantage.
  • Fnatic are starting to win team-fights.
  • Fnatic are getting objectives (Baron, Towers, Inhibitor).
  • In the epic final few minutes Fnatic xPeke wins the game for his team with an amazing play.

The game up to the 20th minute has few points to mention.
1. Rammus was unable to make any gang while at the same time he was falling behind in farm.
2. SK were getting a slight advantage over Fnatic getting a couple of towers and kills

In the mid game SK were strong
, took advantage of the Fnatic misspossitioning (Rammus and Caitlin) by picking easy stuns with Cho'Gath's and Elise's abilities and turned them to uncontested objectives such as towers and inhibitors turning their advantage to 7k gold. With Rammus getting instant killed in every fight and Cho'Gath-Olaf looking so strong the game was looking over already. However, SK they did not keep the pressure up , giving opportunities to Fnatic to take uncontested Dragons and the mid tower keeping them in game by keeping the gold difference at 4-5k. Up to the the 40th minute SK were  not able to translate their advantage to Inhibitors or Baron.

This is the point were Fnatic are starting to  win fights slightly and taking objectives for themselves. They started taking down towers, Baron and even the mid Inhibitor up to the point the game looked even. The gold count was the same and the map was almost the same for both teams.

At this games epic finale everything happened so fast and the action did not stop for a single second. SK won the team-fight and they are taking baron while xPeke's Kassadin was back-dooring the middle inhibitor for second time. SK were fast and by taking advantage of Home guard Boots and Cho's boots of mobility they were able to kill Kassadin after a 1 minute chase. Everything was looking over for Fnatic. With xPeke down, Rammus too weak and 5 member of SK outside of their base with Baron buff. SK took bot Inhibitor, Middle tower and Inhibitor and they were heading for the top lane looking really strong. However, sOaz with his Kha'zix was able to assassinate Ezreal and in the skirmish followed Ocelote's Elise died as well.

Fnatic are chasing down the retreating SK team and they are looking to steal the game. With all-members up they are trying to get  the 2 Nexus towers while Cho-Olaf-Janna are delaying them and with Elise and Ezreal needing 20 more seconds to respawn. When both Nexus turrets were down Elise and Ezreal respawned and in the team fight that follows SK win. With sOaz and Zaira dead and xPeke with 20% HP and chased by Cho everything seemed over for Fntic for  2nd time in the game. But xPeke had a different opinion.

He proved he is one of the best players in the world once again. Instead of going back to base he decided to Teleport to a super-minion next to SK Nexus and steal the game with 20% HP & MP. SK were prepared and Olaf was waiting for him. However xPeke showed amazing skills, kitting Olaf around the Nexus with his ultimate and evading most of his axes. When Olaf finally landed his Q and cought the 40HP Kassadin the later one gave the final blow to the Nexus gave Fnatic the victory and the qualification to the semi-finals. The last two minutes.


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