Thursday, January 10, 2013

Offline Qualifiers and Legends Championship Series (LCS) Structure

The Offline Qualifier for Season 3 Legends Championship Series (LCS) are about to start. 16 Teams are going to compete with each other at each region for the 5 places that will lead to the LCS. The tournament will have the form of group stage, then Bo3 Single Eliminations games and placement matches between the teams eliminated in the quarterfinals for the 5th place.

The 16 NA teams that will struggle for one of the 5 place are the following while CLG.NA, TSM and Dignitas are already qualified.

S3 Offline Qualifiers NA teams

On the east side of the Atlantic, 16 European teams are getting ready for the offline qualifiers event while former M5, former CLG.EU and SK.Gaming are practicing for the LCS

S3 Offline Qualifiers EU teams

After the Offline Qualifiers the LCS is going to start at its going to have the following form:
1. First Half of LCS
2. Midseason Play-offs and Promotion Matches
3. All-Star Brake
4. Second Half of LCS

1. First Half of LCS

North American teams will battle on Thursdays and Fridays, while the European division faces off on Saturdays and Sundays. Teams will play a total of 28 games – four single-game matches against each of the other seven teams in their division – during both halves of the season.

2. Midseason Play-offs and Promotion Matches

The top six teams in each division will compete in separate playoff tournaments The top two seeds earn a bye, while the third through sixth seeds play in the wildcard round. The winners advance to play the top two seeds as the playoffs continue. The two defeated wildcard teams join the two lowest finishing teams from the first half in a promotion tournament. They’ll be challenged by rising stars from the amateur ranks for the chance to come back in the second half—or fall out of the league.

3. All-Star Brake

All-Star break showcases the best players from around the world assembled into regional teams. The tournament will pit region against region.

4.Second Half of LCS

Following the All-Star break, the second half of the LCS swings back into action with the same structure but even more on the line, as the next round of divisional playoffs determine which teams will represent their region in the World Championships.

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Sources : Leaguepedia, Riot

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