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Early Game 5vs5 Tactics (Part 1)

Early Game 5vs5 Tactics (Part 1)

Using some footage from the game of CLG.EU vs Iceland (unfortunately my editing skills are not existent) I found a nice opportunity to talk about tactics. In this post I will talk about "Taking a tower down in 4 mins" and "Taking the enemy Blue Buff at 7 mins)

  1. Taking Top/Bot tower at 4 minutes . (11:29-13:07)

Firstly you need to 2vs1 the TOP lane and try to gather a huge minion wave. In order to do that you will need your ADC
to push the lane as little as possible while at the same time he, with the help of his SUP,  harasses the enemy TOP player. 

What will happen around the 4th minute of the game is that the enemy TOP player will be low-level (2-3) and probably half-HP against a huge minion wave and 2 players under his turret. That is the point where your Jungler shows up behind the enemy TOP laner and tries to tower dive  or simply take the tower down.

What do you get out of it?

At this probably your team will be 1k gold ahead because of the tower kill. Additionally there are good chances that the enemy TOP will be dead. The map will look like this: the enemy TOP will try to freeze in-front of his second tower, the MID is gonna be equal (depending on who is pushing) and your BOT is going to be under heavy pressure.

In order for this play to have meaning for your team, you should be able to take advantage that the enemy team is under pressure and start snowballing the game by taking objectives. Some possible moves depending the flow of the game :
  • Move asap your ADC/SUP to Bot lane in order to keep your Bot tower up and have control over the dragon(it's highly probable the opposite team is following the same tactic and you might be fast enough to save your Bot tower).
  • Make your ADC/SUP & JUNG to roam at Mid lane. It is probable the tower kill to create some confusion on the enemy team. You can pick up the momentum and gang/push Mid lane with four people. This play should be quick, otherwise the enemy team may take advantage of the presence of four members of your team at Mid and push other objectives.
  • Keep the lanes as they are until you steal their Blue Buff at 7 mins.

How to counter the move

  • Do not let the enemy team 2vs1 your top lane.
  • Ask for your Jungler to show up and help your TOP lane defend the tower.
  • Be prepared and organize a Counter-gang.
  • Do the same but execute it better in order to put more pressure.

2.Blue Steal (14:43-16:10)

Stealing the first Blue buff from the enemy MID can put him behind in the game and give a huge advantage to your lane. In order to be able to know the respawn time and steal the Blue buff you should know where the enemy Jungler have started from.

After your team has taken down the tower next to the Blue Buff it is time to ward the area around it so you can have vision. At this point you should put pressure around the buff by bringing more people from the enemy team. Additionally you can try to orchestrate a gang at TOP/MID around the 7th minute of the game to make the invade more safe. TOP would be the easier choice because until now his lane is probably pushed and the TOP player is already behind (no wards, low-level, no summoners).

More similar guides comming soon!

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