Saturday, December 1, 2012

IPL5: Fnatic.Raidcall and CLG.Prime !

Day 3 in IPL 5 Las Vegas and the games so far have been exiting! A lot of great games so far with a lot of suprises. Fnatic.Raidcall and CLG.Prime both teams with great history in the LoL competitive scene that have fallen behind in the last events are doing a great come back.


Fnatic.Raidcall entered IPL5 really strong getting unexpected wins over Azubu (who have changed their line-up since Season 2 Finals) and over Season 2 Champions TPA. Both games were amazing and I believe it's worth the time watching them ( Fnatic vs TPA Game 1 & Game 2). Looks like Martin "Rekkles" Larsson have brought something new to the team. 


CLG.Prime after the line-up changes, with HotshotGG going back to Top Lane, Chauster going in the Jungle and Locodoco recruitment as Support looks like they are back on track. So far they have done great games. Locodoko looks like he has an active part in CLG game play not only with his skills but also with his tactical knowledge. CLG in their last games have shown a higher level of commitment and focus on their tactics which they seem to work as planned.

Now both teams are facing each other with CLG picking the first game. On the second game CLG had the early lead but Fnatic made a great come back after picking twice Chauster alone. Both games were amazing. Lets see what game three will bring! You can watch them live here.


In game three, CLG were not able to make any plays happen in the early game giving the advantage to Fnatic assasin team (Katarina, Regnar, Lee Sin). Fnatic took advantage of any CLG mistake, who looked that game two had influenced them, and with an amazing ultimate co-ordination aced CLG and pretty much ended the game by taking advantage of 10k gold and score 9-1 in their favor.
(I am keeping the post updated)

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