Thursday, November 29, 2012

IPL5 and January Sales Poll Results.

IPL 5 

IPL 5, the last major event of 20120, have started today with the participation of major teams such as the Finalist of Season 2 (TPA and M5), superstar Asian teams (Azubu, World Elite), major European teams (CLG.EU, Curse.EU), all time classics  (TSM, CLG.NA) and a lot of full hope and promises newcomers (Blackbeans ,Iceland). Do not forget we had quite a few Asian surprises the last period. A lot of fans would expect the popular SK Gaming team to take part to the event but they have not be able to go through the Qualifiers. On the other hand, the also disqualified FnaticRaidcall inherited Alternate's Qualifier spot. You can find more details about each team here.

The first games of the day have taken already place with a great game between Crs.NA and M5 with the later turning it in their favor in the last 5 minutes. The rest of the games so far went as expected with dominating victories of major teams over their weaker opponents. 

You can find full schedule and more information about IPL5 at leguepedia.
IPL FREE HD stream is here.
Two Twitch Streams are  also available here: 01 and 02.
VOD's would be uploaded here.

January Sales Poll

Results from the poll "What would you like to see included in the January sales event"  are up as well with Riots actions about them.

As Hippalus posted  The results of the poll are in and the result is a virtual dead heat between option #4 and #6, each with approximately 15.5K votes across the 4 regions that participated (NA, EUW, EUNE and BR). The combined vote tally is:
  • 1,522 - 50% off boosts
  • 5,076 - 50% off rune pages
  • 5,249 - RP purchases get extra bonus RP (similar to September)
  • 15,476 - 50% off skin super sale (10+ skins, including some never before on sale)
  • 11,679 - 75% off skin retirement (retiring several older skins to the legacy vault)
  • 15,487 - 50% off legacy skins (bringing back some retired skins not currently in the store)

The moves Riot is planning to do on January are the following: 
  • On January 11, the regular Friday sale will be replaced by a Skin Super Sale which will include some skins never before on sale (not Legendaries or other ineligible skins). As usual, three champions will also be on sale.

  •  At some point between now and the end of January, the 42 Legacy skins below will come back into the store for a limited time at 50% off their regular price (42 Skins in total):

Crimson Akali ,Matador Alistar , Pharaoh Amumu , Red Riding Annie , Annie In Wonderland , Safari Caitlyn , Nightmare ,Cho'Gath ,Red Baron Corki ,Mr. Mundoverse ,Toxic Dr. Mundo ,Masquerade Evelynn .Nottingham Ezreal ,Desert Trooper Garen ,Scuba Gragas , Alien Invader Heimerdinger , Angler Jax ,Phantom Karthus ,Unmasked Kayle ,Swamp Master Kennen ,Sonoran Kog'Maw ,Shamrock Malphite ,Vizier Malzahar ,Dragon Knight Mordekaiser ,Leopard Nidalee ,Sasquatch Nunu ,Blacksmith Poppy ,Noxus Poppy ,Professor Ryze ,Workshop Shaco ,Frozen Shen ,Yellow Jacket Shen,,Hextech Sion ,Spectacular Sivir ,Emerald Taric ,Badger Teemo ,Firefighter Tristana ,Highland Tryndamere 
The Magnificent Twisted Fate ,Kingpin Twitch ,Butcher Urgot ,Feral Warwick ,Time Machine Zilean

  • There was also a lot of interest in a skin retirement sale so we will pursue that a little later in 2013. The rune page sale and extra bonus RP promotions were well received in 2012 and will likely make comebacks later in 2013 as well. Boost sales, however, will go back into the idea dustbin.
You can find the link for the information above here.

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