Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Statistics for LoL Season 2 World Championship Mid-Jungle (part 1)

Haven't post for a while but things are getting busier and busier.

So I have made a small research on the Season 2 Finals Stage games and I have got some statistics. They are about k/d ratios of some of the best teams in the world (TPA, Azubu Frost, M5 CLG Eu, CLG NA, SK Gaming and TSM) plus some statistics about mid and top lanes. At the post only middle and jungle are going to be presented because it takes alot of time to create those tables.

As you can see some teams like WE, IG, Dignitas, Najin and SaJ are missing because of the huge amount of data that would be gathered if they were taken into consideration

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Some conclusions based mostly on numbers(Kills/Deaths/Assists), while alot of more factors play important role in the game.

Toyz seems to be the most effective AP mid player at the Season 2 Finals with the highest K/D ratio (8.82) almost double from the second AlexIch.
The average Deaths/Game for mid players is about 2,4 while Toyz has his average Death per Game ratio at half that amount (1.1).
The most common middle hero is Karthus (8+ games)
Reginald while having the less games has the more Kills and Deaths per game. ( the data is only from 2 games though)

I can admit I am getting a huge fan of Toyz.

The most effective Jungler seems to be Diamond with his deadly Lee, having 4.31 K/D ratio and the highest Kills and Assists per game.
Lillballz and Cloud also look like they are doing great job with 3.89 and 3.59 K/D ratio respectively.
Most kills per game come again from a TSM member !
Most common hero roaming in the Jungle : Maokai (8+) and Mundo (7+)

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More stats about Top and Bottom Lanes are comming soon!

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